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Product Advantages:

Ten years of quality, experienced and individualized research and development

Professional development and production of various wood transparent resins

Can be customized according to requirements


High quality raw materials, factory wholesale, large quantity discount

Choose Japan, Germany, Germany, high quality raw materials, stable quality

Precision formula factory wholesale volume discount


Export quality, providing export services

Related products are exported to the United States, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Africa, etc.

Scope of Application:

Transparent resin can add sandstone and branches

Dried flowers, pearl powder, color and other materials

Suitable for wood table river table pouring wood furniture crafts pouring

Stone countertops, parquet floor caulking, resin lamp molding, etc.

Various castings requiring high hardness and transparent products

Application Method:

1. Prepare the electronic scale and glue tool

2. Pour A and B into the plastic container according to the weight ratio and stir evenly.

3. After the glue is evenly stirred, put it in the vacuum box and vacuum it, directly in the product of the required glue, and naturally solidify.



1. Please clearly check the label on the package before matching the glue, and confirm the ratio of the ratio of the A agent to the B agent.

2, the glue tool should be clean and dry, no dust, water and oil

3. Mix the A and B components according to the proportion and stir evenly to avoid unevenness or lack of hardness.

4. Since the glue starts to react and heat, the more the amount of glue is, the more heat is generated, and the curing time is also shortened. The shorter the time that can be used, so please apply the proper amount of glue according to the time of filling. So as not to cause waste.

5. After the glue is finished, seal the AB agent package to prevent debris or moisture absorption, and ensure the normal use of the next time.

6, a very small number of people exposed to the glue for a long time will produce mild skin allergies, it is recommended to wear protective gloves when used, stick to the skin can be wiped off with acetone, Tianna water or alcohol, and cleaned with detergent

7, before mass use, please try a small amount, master the use of the product skills, so as not to make mistakes


Package Storage:

1. Packed for each group of 20KG, A glue 5KG / pot, B glue 5KG / pot

2. After the plastic bucket is opened and the glue is poured out, it needs to be covered immediately to avoid contact with the air for a long time, which causes the glue to oxidize and crystallize.

3, the glue must be sealed and stored in a cool and ventilated place to avoid high temperature or sun exposure

4. The glue may crystallize in the low temperature condition in winter, and it needs to be dissolved in a 60 degree oven before use.

5. The shelf life of this glue is 6 months. If the shelf life is exceeded, please try it in small amount. If it is qualified, you can continue to use it.

Passed the EU REACH environmental certification

Passing the EU's stricter REACH safety and environmental certification


Reach contains 173 safety substance tests

ROHS has only 10 normal tests.

The product does not contain benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, etc.

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content 34

Under the standard of 700, the standard is reduced by 20 times.


The wood resin table you made always bursts and cracks?

The wood resin table you made is always thrown away?

The wood resin table you made is always blurry and opaque?



Wood transparent resin can be poured 5 cm thick

High hardness glass transparent

Selected quality raw materials, stable quality

Single pour 5 cm, no cracking

Transparent glass after curing

Hardness can reach Shore hardness 82, Nails don't scratch


Wood resin bonding is not easy to crack

Low viscosity formulation process, resin can penetrate into wood

Each tiny pore makes the wood and resin blend together

Plus resin and wood surface

Excellent adhesion and adhesion, making it difficult to crack


Polishable to mirror

Nano-scale polishing process, polishing particles attached to the surface of the resin

Just like filling every tiny hole, it shines like a mirror


Wood resin is hard but not brittle, not broken

Good toughness, can be machined

Good temperature resistance, 100 degree boiling water poured on the surface, will not burn the resin