How is artificial amber made?

Update:Tuesday November-26 2019 09:51:59
Raw materials: artificial amber resin, silicone mold, vacuum pump, polishing machine, heating oven, etc.
01. First buy special resin for artificial amber, mix according to the ratio given by the manufacturer, mix well, and stir well.
02. Put the stirred special amber resin in a vacuum pump to evacuate, and then pour it into the silicone mold that needs to be formed.
03. Put the silicone mold filled with amber resin in the heating oven and bake it at about 80 ° C for 2-3 hours.
04. Take out the silicone mold after baking, take out the solidified amber, and wait for it to cool.
05. Check the cured amber, and polish and polish the defective product.
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