What glue is used for sticking stone?

Update:Tuesday November-26 2019 09:55:23
The glue for sticking stone can be roughly divided into three types: marble glue, epoxy dry-hanging ab glue, and high-purity epoxy ab glue. The advantages and disadvantages of these three glues are briefly introduced below for reference only.
Marble glue: It is an unsaturated resin ab glue. It is not environmentally friendly. The biggest feature is that it can be fast in a few minutes. It can also be cured quickly at special temperatures. The joint strength is poor, and it is not suitable for large-area bonding and indoor home building material bonding. This glue is suitable for ordinary low-adhesion stone bonding.
Epoxy dry hanging glue: It is a kind of epoxy resin ab glue added with filler. It is environmentally friendly. Its main characteristics are high bonding strength, water resistance, weather resistance and shrinkage. It is better than marble glue, suitable for large area bonding. Marble gum is slow.
Epoxy resin adhesive: It is a kind of high-purity epoxy ab glue. The curing time can be adjusted, environmental protection, strong adhesion, good water resistance and weather resistance, small shrinkage, suitable for large area bonding. , Especially suitable for indoor household building materials, stone seamless splicing and other waterproof fixed bonding. For high adhesion requirements, epoxy adhesives are the ideal choice, but the price is high.

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