How does artificial marble work together seamlessly?

Update:Tuesday November-26 2019 10:07:13
The quality of stone splicing is mainly determined by the quality of splicing glue. High-purity epoxy splicing adhesive, because of environmental protection, high hardness, high bonding strength, waterproof, oil-proof, mildew-proof, moisture-proof and aging-resistant, can be added to any color and is widely used.
The operation steps of seamless stone splicing are briefly introduced below:
1. First, select high-strength transparent epoxy splicing glue. According to the color of the stone, choose the required color paste, and then add a small amount of stone powder to the splicing glue. Compare the color with the spliced stone until it is close. .
2. Then mix the color-matching splicing glue, stir it evenly according to the weight ratio, and apply it on the stone to be spliced for docking.
3. After the splicing glue is completely cured, polish the defects around the stone.

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